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Mastering the Sales: Process and Programs


Course Description: Unlock the secrets to becoming a proficient Design Consultant by mastering the intricacies of the sales process while harnessing the full potential of critical software tools. "Mastering the Sales Process" is a comprehensive course that delves deep into the strategies, techniques, and software applications necessary for success in this role. From initial client contact to securing the final sale, you'll gain hands-on experience with the tools and processes that will propel your sales commissions to new heights. Course Highlights: Gain expertise in leveraging essential sales tools and software, including Zoom, ActiveCampaign, Acuity, Dropbox, JustCall, ProSelect, Iris, Stripe, PandaDoc, Shootproof, and more. Dive into the intricate world of scheduling and retainers, ensuring smooth client communication and payment management. Manage client resources effectively, from image organization to seamless communication with tools like JustCall. Craft compelling presentations using ProSelect, showcasing customized solutions that resonate with clients. Develop a systematic approach to handling objections, with a focus on overcoming obstacles and sealing the deal. Navigate the final stages of the sales process, including invoicing, paperwork, and sales log submission. Establish a consistent sales routine that fosters success and nurtures long-term client relations

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